When Hurricane Harvey came ashore Friday night, many who were bracing for this catastrophic event, could not begin to fathom the devastation this storm would cause.  With less than 72 hours since the storm struck land, officials are still trying to get a handle on what has happened.  The focus remains on rescue and shelter efforts. It may be days, even weeks, before those affected may be able to fully grasp the affects of this Category 4 hurricane and subsequent storms.  
In times like this, many want to know what we can do to help.  With our motto of "Service Above Self", Rotarians too want to pitch in when and where possible.   Our Rotary Club is no different; therefore, the Rotary Club of Ashburn, is proposing a fund raiser to help provide support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  District 7610 has been in contact with Houston District 5890 and will be coordinating assistance efforts from our area.  
Although specifics have not been determined, yet, please know that whatever you can do to help will go a long way.  Once the proposal is put together, Ashburn Rotarians will be informed of how you may help.